VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number is a number assigned to each vehicle that contains complete information about the technical condition of the car. VIN includes information such as: country of production, model year, type of drive, engine version, equipment options.

VIN Mack decoder?

In Mack cars it is located in different places depending on the model. In older cars, it was placed on the vehicle’s nameplate or it was “crammed” or embossed on a vehicle frame or body. Currently, in these newer vehicles the numbers are often visible in the form of a sticker behind the windshield.


Decoding the VIN number, we can find out whether the seller of the used car does not hide any crashes or whether he did not bring the car to the country illegally. If we can not locate the number, it is worth coming to SKP and ask a diagnostician for help or use our website

VIN Mack decoder